Technical Theater 1 is a course which provides the opportunity to learn and apply the crafts and technologies of the “backstage” world of the theater. We will learn to interpret and execute a theatrical designer's plans, create our own designs, and see those designs and plans come to life. Through hands-on learning, students will acquire skills and knowledge in set design and construction, props, and management. Students will submit at least one of their original designs to the Drama Department for consideration for the spring musical. Attendance at a public performance may be required.

The foci of this half credit course include introducing students to the theatre, script analysis, and basic acting. We will explore these areas through hands-on experiences such as working in the high school theatre, reading and discussing selected plays, various acting exercises such as pantomime and improvisation, and viewing the work of others. Students will engage in a multitude of class activities to develop knowledge and appreciation of the theatrical arts. No previous acting experience is necessary, but a positive attitude is required. A public performance may be included.

As an extension of Theatre I, the foci of this half credit course include discovering the historical journey of the theatre, engaging in advanced stage work with others, developing your artistic voice through directing and design, and an introduction to playwriting. We will engage in peer-to-peer activities often, so a positive attitude and a willingness to take creative risks are required. A public performance may be included.