Middle School FACS Course Descriptions

8th Grade Foods:

This unit will offer students the opportunity to improve food preparation skills, apply basic science principles to food preparation and opportunities for students to discover their own culinary passion. Students will use these skills during hands-on labs to prepare a variety of recipes.

8th Grade Machine Sewing:

This self-paced course helps beginning/intermediate sewing students improve their hand-sewing skills.  Terms and techniques will be reviewed for basic hand-sewing. Students will also be introduced to machine sewing. They will learn the parts and use of the sewing machine.  These skills will be applied to construct machine sewn projects.

7th Grade Foods:

Students will review basic kitchen terms and techniques, practice accurately measuring ingredients, demonstrate table manners, and advance their culinary skills learned in 6th grade.  In small cooperative groups, students will prepare a variety of recipes. Kitchen safety, food sanitation, and teamwork will be emphasized.

7th Grade Hand-Sewing:

In this hands-on unit, students will be introduced to basic hand-sewing. They will learn hand-sewing terms and techniques. Students will apply their skills and knowledge to construct hand-sewn projects. 

In this introductory course, students will be introduced to basic cooking skills.  Students will learn how to measure ingredients, gain an understanding of cooking terms and techniques, practice table manners, and learn how to read and follow recipes, which will be used for preparing recipes during  hands-on cooking labs.  Our main focus will be on kitchen safety, sanitation, and teamwork.