Middle School Health & Physical Education Course Descriptions

Available courses

Health 6

Learn about how to navigate the social, mental, emotional and physical changes that occur during adolescence. Critically think about why the body changes and how to respond and communicate in appropriate ways. Learn how to transform into a young, responsible, and independent adult.

Health 7

This class is designed to assist students in obtaining accurate information, developing lifelong positive attitudes and behaviors, and making wise decisions related to their personal health. Units of study will include smoking/juuling, nutrition and eating disorders with an emphasis on making healt…

Health 8

Students will spend time learning about different types of drugs, including: Heroin, Fentanyl, Carfentanyl, Meth, Cocaine, Prescription Drugs, Marijuana, Alcohol, MDMA, and Club Drugs. Not only will students learn about consequences of use but particular attention is paid to the family, societal, a…

Physical Education

The purpose of physical education is for students to develop an "orientation to lifetime fitness." To have an orientation to lifetime fitness, students need to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to be physically active for a lifetime. This class focuses on using a varie…