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8th Grade Social Studies Course

This course will begin with the formation of European colonies in the New World, the role of revolution in the establishment of American government, the quest to fulfill Manifest Destiny, and the role of slavery in the American Civil War.  Students will be asked to think critically about the p…
Category: Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies Course

In this course, students will explore the strands of Social Studies (Geography, Behavioral Science, History, Political Science, and Economics),  building critical thinking skills that will facilitate global and local thinking. Students will do so by studying the world and its diverse regions t…
Category: Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies Class

In sixth grade social studies, inquiry and research will drive students’ learning as they explore  ancient civilizations and the Middle Ages in Europe. Students will examine and compare ancient civilizations by using the aspects of culture (Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Econom…
Category: Social Studies