Course Overview

  • Goals
  1. Students will learn to navigate and thrive within a new school, language, and culture.
  2. Students will develop beginning English language skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  3. Students will develop and strengthen academic and content vocabulary

  • Topics and Big Ideas 
  1. Beginning conversational English
  2. Beginning reading in English with a focus on phonics and fluency
  3. Grammar and writing mechanics
  4. Social vocabulary development
  5. Academic vocabulary development

  • Essential Questions
  1. How can one express oneself in speaking and writing when not all vocabulary is known?
  2. What strategies and resources will help me learn English?
  3. How will learning a new language (English) enhance my life?

Key Assessments

In progress

Discipline-Specific Strategies

  • A large amount of oral communication with other students
  • The use of multiple mediums to present information
  • Opportunities to demonstrate language comprehension through physical expression
  • Culturally responsive teaching that uses students' home languages, cultures, and experiences as an asset.

Links to Resources

Rosetta Stone - contact Mr.Bartelt to set up an account