Science Content (Binder Set-Up)

1. Scientific Problem Solving

2. Motion and Forces

3. Energy and Matter

4. Properties of Matter

5. Interactions of Matter

6. Waves, Electricity and Magnetism

7. Spiral Notebook/Notes/Loose Leaf Paper


1. Writing Utensils (blue or black pen and/or pencil with eraser and a red pen)
2. Loose-leaf paper
3. 1 ½ inch binder with 8 divider tabs
4. Spiral Notebook
5. Highlighter(s)
6. Colored Pencils/set of markers (when needed)
7. Dry erase marker (when needed)
8. Metric Ruler (when needed)
9. Calculator (when needed)
10. Ear buds and a flash drive (when needed)

Grading Policies
Our grading system is designed to reflect student learning.  Our daily work helps students practice the skills they need to show their learning on the summative assessments given for each of the science content areas.  Formative assessments given along the way are indicators of progress.  Summative assessments and lab work is evaluated and used to calculate each student's grade.  Students will be involved in rubric development and self-evaluation.

Expectations for SCIENCE CLASS
Show Your Hawk Pride So EVERYONE can learn and grow:
EVERYONE participates in class activities.
EVERYONE is prepared for class every day (i.e. have your supplies ready and fill in your agenda).
EVERYONE demonstrates safe behavior and safe use of materials at all times.
EVERYONE works towards their personal best by reflecting on their progress and making adjustments that will improve learning.
EVERYONE maintains behaviors that contribute to a positive learning environment for ALL.

Tips for Learning Success

1.  Be prompt and enter class quietly.  Take your assigned seat and prepare for the day by writing your assignments in your agenda and reading and following the SMART Board prompts.

2.  Complete daily work on time, correct it as needed and keep it organized in your binder so it can be used as a resource during class discussions and as a study guide in preparing for assessments.

3.  When you return from an absence, get your assignments from the “Were You Absent?” file (or they can be downloaded from my web page).  Assignments are filed by the date assigned.  Complete them promptly.  There are some labs that cannot be made up if missed.  You will be given an alternate assignment if possible.

4.  Assessment dates will be posted in advance.  Use your binder resources to begin to study ahead of time (12 minute strategy).

5.  Collected assignments must be turned in by placing them in the basket in the front of the room.  All work must have your first and last name and your class hour in the upper right hand corner.

6.  Agendas will be used to document course work.  Have your parents/guardians check the agenda and your science binder to monitor content covered in science class.

7.  Student progress can also be monitored using the Parent Portal (Infinite Campus) on a regular basis.  If you need directions to access the Parent Portal please feel free to contact the main office at (414) 282-4700.

8.  While at home, if you happen to forget your work in your locker or you lost your assignment, copies can be found on my web page.  You can access my web page through the school’s web page
If you need directions to the web page feel free to e-mail me and I can send them to you.

9.  Teacher issued “Science” coupons may be used when needed.

10.  Do not hesitate to discuss your questions or concerns with me.