Parenting and Childcare

Course Description

This is an exciting hands-on course that explores the make-up family structures and the many areas of development of children. This course utilizes project based learning, collaboration and creativity. Students will be involved in the RealCare baby simulation, group presentations, planning preschool lessons and facilitating an on-campus preschool.

Key Course Learning Experiences

*Parenting and Family Structures
*Pregnancy and Teen Pregnancy
*Labor and Delivery
*Real Care Baby Simulation 
*Child Abuse and Shaken Baby Syndrome
*Creating activities for the playschool and being able to run activities for small groups of children (read alouds and group time)
*Students will maintain professionalism when dealing with parents, families, staff and children.

Essential Learning Goals

  • Critical Thinking - Students will demonstrate the ability to develop, examine, identify expectations and explore different strategies in creating a successful playschool, being successful in learning concepts and problem solving. 

  • Communication - Students will demonstrate professional written, visual, and oral communication in the classroom and in creating age appropriate activities for children.   
  • Application of Content: Students will demonstrate competence in content 
  • vocabulary, principles and protocols. Students will demonstrate understanding in family structures, teen pregnancy, prenatal development and prenatal development and delivery.  
  • Creativity -  Students will produce solutions to creating age appropriate activities for the playschool, balancing a budget and read alouds.

Major Assessments and Success Criteria

Parenting and Child Care class gives students the background knowledge of how children develop and why. In this class students will be assessed on concepts related to parenting and family structures, real care baby simulations, teen pregnancy and creating age appropriate activities for students to use with children in the playschool. 

Students will simulate the importance of child safety, shaken baby syndrome and child abuse by partaking in the Real Care Baby Simulations which in turn records the students ability to manage the babies needs for 48 hours.

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