Intro to Digital Authorship 6

COVID-19 - 2020 Update

Students will be working virtually in Digital Authorship until the District reopens. This means that there are going to be modifications to the curriculum. Please stay tuned to Google Classroom for specifics. The following skills and G21 standards will continue to be emphasized:

    -Author’s Craft


    -Self-Directed Learning

Key Course Learning Experience (Distance Learning)

Students will be creating documentary style videos that reflect their lives and experiences during this moment in time, the 2020 pandemic. 

Over the course of this next month, students will gather up a variety of images, documents, and videos that reflect their experiences and understandings of this moment in time. Students will also create (or use--if completed in another class) writings or vlogs reflecting on their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, students will use the digital production skills that we have been developing this year, to create a documentary style video that captures their personal experience of this unique time in history.

Google Classroom Links:

A-Day, Hour 7:

B-Day, Hour 7:

Course Description

Intro to Digital Authorship is a course that introduces the first steps of digital production, using a variety of cloud based apps. The class is project based and is led through a workshop approach. Through a variety of creative projects, students have the opportunity to develop storytelling and communication skills while learning new uses of tech* that are also transferable to other content areas.

*Students participating in this course have access to all needed technology in class.

Key Course Learning Experiences

  • Dream School Unit:  Students work in collaborative groups to think up their imaginary dream school. They then create a commercial to advertise their “Dream School” using cloud based apps. This unit concludes with a viewing experience of the commercials created in class.

  • Choose Your Own Adventure Unit: Students make the first choice in their adventure by choosing to work independently or with a partner. After studying the structure and key characteristics of “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories, students then write a CYOA of their own and create a digital version with interactive links for readers to experience in the story.

  • Posters for Purpose Unit: Students learn some of the essential elements of graphic design.  Then, students work to design a poster that will share a positive message and inspire others in their school community. Students have the choice of different cloud-based apps for this project, and when complete, can opt to have their poster displayed around the school building.

Essential Learning Goals

Students will develop their skills in the following Greenfield G21 Standards:

  • Communication: 

  • Self-Directed Learning: 

  • Creativity (Author’s Craft)

Major Assessments and Success Criteria

The Language Arts Department believes that learning by doing is the best way to gain new skills and expand existing critical, creative, analytical, and evaluative skills; consequently, this class is largely a performance-based class, a class that guides students through the process of creating something (presentation, portfolio, project, etc.) that demonstrates their mastery of and ability to apply key skills and concepts. 

Students will evaluate their own progress while in the process of completing assessments, and teachers will provide feedback which students can use to upgrade their assessments. Assessment directions, minimum requirements, and success criteria will be provided at the introduction of each major assessment. 

Skills and concepts that transfer from one assessment to others: Students effectively convey ideas and information, orally and in writing, to enhance communication; students interact appropriately for a variety of classroom situations; students make connections between and among a variety of texts: fiction, informational, and visual.

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